TRUEresult Blood Glucose Starter Kit review


TRUEresult blood glucose starter kit is the number one best seller online under glucometer category. It’s an excellent product manufactured by Home Diagnostics Incorporated



. It became a popular glucometer because of its accurate, precise, and high quality performance.

It is probably the best diabetes testing meter used in both clinical and home setting. The TRUEresult glucometer is available online.


  • The glucometer is covered by Medicare and other private insurances
  • No more coding needed
  • Extremely accurate and precise blood glucose measurement
  • Works with a small blood sample size of 0.5 µL
  • It can store up to 500 test results
  • The test results are shown in just 4 seconds
  • The meter is built with a special button for test strip release
  • User can set 4 different reminder alarms for testing
  • It comes with an audible fill detection
  • It has an easy to read date and time display
  • TRUEresult accepts blood sample from alternate test sites
  • It has an automatic shut off feature
  • The glucose monitoring system is also manufactured with a ketone test reminder
  • (+) Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Package includes:

  • TRUEresult glucometer monitoring system
  • CR2032 3 volt coin battery
  • Lancing device/pen
  • Ten free sterile lancets for initial testing
  • Ten free test strips for initial testing
  • User’s Manual (Available in English and Spanish)
  • Log book
  • Glucometer carrying case





Advantage & Ease of Use

The TRUEresult meter can accurately measure blood glucose levels with just a small blood sample size. Because of this, users will have fewer problems in collecting blood sample.

This glucometer is highly recommended for patients who are tired with painful collecting procedures.

The test strips and lancets included in the kit are in good condition as well. It’s a great starter kit for people with diabetes.



This high quality device also has a very affordable price.

The overall maintenance cost is also reasonably priced because of the affordable test strips.

That is the reason why, TRUEresult glucometer is highly recommended for patients who need regular blood glucose monitoring.

The meter is also easy to use that shows test results in just a few seconds.

It doesn’t require coding before use, patients can simply insert a test strip into the port and they’re all set for glucose monitoring.

It also has a ketone testing alarm feature which notifies the patient that blood glucose levels are too high that warrants ketone measurement.

It is handy and portable which makes it a very convenient over the counter glucometer.

Patients can also download and transfer test results to a device using the TRUEmanager data management software.

Another advantage of the TRUEresult meter over other glucometers is that it can be used for the management of all types of diabetes.


TRUEresult meter provides accurate results and falls within the standards of Yellow Springs Instrument Model 2300. The accuracy of the device was extensively researched that involved both patients and health professionals.

Intended Use

The glucometer is intended for over the counter blood glucose measurement. It could be used in homes or in the clinical setting for the management of diabetes mellitus.



The device is only designed as a measuring device and is not supposed to be used as a screening tool.

TRUEresult meter should only be used for blood samples taken from the fingertip or the forearm. It is also not advisable to use the meter in critically ill patients.


  • The starter kit does not include a control solution.Although the glucometer does come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and clients are reassured with a quality meter.

    Some customers might find it very necessary to start with a control test. But in general, patients are recommended to run a control solution when the results shown do not match the symptoms that they feel.

    Control solutions are really expensive in any diagnostic center or medical laboratories, plus it has an expiry date.

    That is why patients/users should understand that it is not practical to include a control solution in every kit.

  • There’s a limited availability for the test strip and control solution, most are sold online and are not available in local stores.
  • Just like other glucometers, the TRUEresult meter would only work with TRUEresult test strips.
  • The glucometer is not suitable for patients receiving maltose or galactose therapy. It is also suitable for patients on peritoneal dialysis.
  • The meter does have a data management port but a USB cable is not included in the kit, users will need to purchase the cord separately.
  • Time allotment for sample reapplication is not indicated in the manual.


Product Specifications:

  • Unit of measurement: mg/dL
  • Uses electrochemical assay method
  • (+) Automatic shut off feature
  • Stores up to 500 glucose results
  • Power supply: lithium coin battery (non-rechargeable)
  • (+) Data management port



In general, the TRUEresult glucometer is very great product for its price. It is accurate and precise in measuring blood glucose levels.

Patients love the meter because it promotes a painless blood collection. It can effectively work even with just a small blood sample size and accepts blood from alternative sites.

That is the reason why, the meter is highly recommended for patients who are tired of painful and difficult blood collection. It is easy to set up which also provides blood glucose results in just a few seconds.

One great feature of the meter is the ketone measurement alarm feature which notifies the user if the glucose result is too high.

Another advantage of using the TRUEresult meter is that it can be used in all types of diabetes including gestational diabetes.

It also has other basic functions like transferring of data, great storage capacity, audible fill detection, test strip release button, and automatic shut off function.

It is also a great starter kit will almost all needed materials for blood glucose measurement. However, there’s no control solution included in the kit.



Overall, the TRUEresult blood glucose monitoring kit is a great meter and is highly recommended for patients who need frequent blood glucose measurements.

It follows accuracy standards with a lifetime manufacture warranty. It’s a high quality device with a very affordable cost that patients will certainly enjoy.


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