Prodigy AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Kit review


Prodigy AutoCode is a very convenient glucometer which is a product of Prodigy Diabetes Care which is based in North Carolina.

The company is devoted to design and create innovative products to fit the health needs of patients.

Cataracts, low vision, and diabetic retinopathy are common vision problems that accompany diabetes mellitus.



Luckily, the Prodigy AutoCode seemingly understands the difficulties of people living with diabetes.

This amazing glucometer is available online.



  • A talking glucometer which reports the results in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Arabic *Special Feature
  • Accurately reads blood sample from alternative testing sites
  • Designed with a standard USB port which is compatible with any software
  • Stores 450 test results with the specific date and time
  • Automatically coded
  • Easy to read screen display with large texts
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Fast blood glucose interpretation
  • Can accurately measure blood glucose levels with just a small blood sample.

Package Includes:

  • Prodigy AutoCode glucometer with batteries
  • Carrying case
  • Logbook
  • User manual
  • Warranty card.


The greatest advantage of the glucometer is its talking function.

Because of this function, the meter is highly recommended for diabetic patients with vision problems.




The Prodigy meter system uses a sophisticated and smart technology which enables the speaking function inform the user what to do next.

The speaking function can inform the user when the meter is ready to test or when the test strip inserted has already been used.

A small amount of blood sample is sufficient to run the test.

The meter also interprets the results after a few seconds.

It can detect and report blood glucose levels that are not within the normal range.

All of these functions could be enjoyed at a very reasonable cost.

It is very affordable to help more patients monitor their health and blood glucose levels.

Even the test strips are sold at an affordable price.

The glucometer comes with a lifetime warranty, another advantage of purchasing the Prodigy AutoCode meter. The company also offers free software for transferring and downloading of test results.

Ease of Use

The Prodigy AutoCode meter was built to fit the needs of the patients and to offer maximum convenience.

The results could be shown in either mmol/L or mg/dL. The screen display also uses simple symbols that are easy to understand.



The meter has a universal USB port to match any software.

This allows the user to easily transfer and download the test results.  The device is light and a very handy device.

No more system coding is needed with this device. Users can simply turn the meter on, insert the test strip, add blood sample and wait for the results.


The glucometer should only be used with test strips and control solution manufactured by the same company.

Inaccurate results might occur when used with different test strips.

The speaking function cannot be deactivated; users can only lower down the volume if they wish.



Also, the screen display is not designed with a backlight feature probably because it is already equipped with a speaking feature.

The meter functions very well but some test results appear to be inconsistent, even though it works with the control solution.

External and environmental factors can affect the test interpretation and might lead to inaccurate results.

The kit contains few materials; it does not come with initial test strips, control solution, lancing device, or lancets.

In addition, the product label does not include the amount of blood needed for testing. It only stated that the meter works with small blood samples.

Reapplication of blood sample is also not clearly indicated in the user manual.

Intended Use

The Prodigy AutoCode glucometer is ideally used for a single patient.

It accepts blood sample taken from the fingertips, palms, upper arm, forearm, thigh, or calf.

The advantage of using alternative sites is that these contain less nerve endings resulting to less painful blood extraction.



However, these alternative testing sites are not recommended for pregnant women and patients with fluctuating glucose levels.

The Prodigy glucose monitoring system is intended for diagnostic use only. It is specifically intended for glucose monitoring, it is not used as a screening tool for diabetes mellitus.

Also, it should only be used from fresh capillary blood samples. The meter is not designed for monitoring blood glucose levels of newborns.


The Prodigy AutoCode meter is the only glucometer which received an award from the American Foundation for the Blind.

It also received an Access Plus Award from the National Federation of the Blind. The glucometer was also certified to meet different accuracy standards.

Product Specifications:

  • The meter automatically turns off after three minutes of inactivity.
  • Power source: AAA Alkaline Batteries
  • Battery life can read more than 1,000 tests
  • LCD Display
  • Memory: Stores up to 450 test results
  • (+) Automatic electrode inserting detection
  • (+) Automatic sample loading detection
  • (+) Automatic reaction time countdown
  • (+) Temperature warning
  • Can set up two measuring units


In conclusion, the Prodigy AutoCode is a special glucometer designed for diabetic patients with vision problems.



The special speaking feature comes very handy. No more system coding is required when using the glucometer. It also has a lot of great features to offer like the memory storage and the universal USB port.

The results could also be shown in two different measuring units.

Customers love this device because of its accuracy and affordability at the same time.

The meter and the test strips are much affordable compared with other products in the market.

This amazing glucometer have even received awards because of its accuracy and ease of use. In addition, it is the only glucometer that has received different awards because of its speaking function and patient convenience.

However, the kit does not contain other needed materials like test strips and a lancing device.

The amount of blood sample needed is also not indicated in the product label. The user manual also did not discuss if the meter can accurately read results even with blood reapplication.

Technically speaking, the advantages of the device outweigh the limitations. The Prodigy AutoCode is a highly recommended talking glucometer for diabetic patients with low vision.



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