Precision Xtra NFR Blood Glucose Monitoring System review

Precision Xtra NFR is another great product manufactured by Abbott Diabetes Care that can measure blood glucose and ketone levels in a single meter.

This intelligent system was built to help people with both Type I and Type II Diabetes mellitus. The glucometer is easy available and is sold over the counter.

Precision Xtra glucometer is a popular product which is currently sold online.



  • Offers a single strip port for blood glucose and blood ketone test strip. It is a single meter than can accurately measure blood glucose and blood ketone levels (*Special Feature).
  • Test results and memory could be uploaded and transferred to a computer or software device.
  • Easy to operate control buttons and a user-friendly display window.
  • Comes with a backlight button as an additional product feature.
  • Has a programmable time and date setting, which includes different format for the user’s preference.
  • Has a beeper setting to notify the user when the test starts and finishes.
  • No system coding or user calibration needed.
  • The meter accurately interprets the test result for both glucose and ketone levels. Then, the test interpretation will be shown on the display window.

Package Includes:

  • Precision Xtra glucometer
  • Precision Xtra user manual
  • Ten glucose test strips
  • Meter carrying case



Precision Xtra meter can accurately read blood glucose levels in alternative sites like the base of the thumb, forearm, and upper arm.

The meter also offers a display check to make sure that everything is accurate before running a test. The display check feature is unique to Abbott’s Precision Xtra meter ensuring the users of quality blood glucose and blood ketone measurements.

The glucometer also provides a more accurate ketone measurement that urine ketone testing.


Ease of Use

The user manual that comes with the package provides a clear and detailed explanation on how to use the glucometer for glucose and ketone monitoring.

The Precision Xtra glucometer uses an intelligent data management system that is why it is recommended for the general population. It works according to meter standards where in a small blood sample is enough to measure blood glucose levels.

Instructions provided are also scientifically based to offer the users quality blood glucose and ketone monitoring.

Patients won’t have any problems measuring both blood glucose and ketone levels. The meter automatically detects if the test strip inserted is for blood glucose or blood ketone measurement.

Although more blood sample is needed for ketone measurement, the process for monitoring both parameters is basically the same.


Intended Use

The Precision Xtra glucometer is intended for patients and healthcare professional use for the management of diabetes mellitus and complicated conditions. Alternative sites like the forearm and upper arm could be used for glucose monitoring.

But fingertips are the only recommended test site for ketone measurement. The meter is ideally used with the same test strip brand and is only compatible with Precision test strips.

Use with caution for children and gestational diabetes. The meter is used for monitoring purposes only and should not be used as a screening tool for diabetes.





Precision Xtra glucometer is probably one of the most accurate and reliable meter in the market. The monitoring system automatically checks for any malfunction within the glucometer.

The meter recognizes several factors that could lead to false high or low results. That is why patients are recommended to repeat the test when an abnormally low or high result is detected.

The glucometer also uses TrueMeasure technology; it means that a test is prevented from starting until the strip has enough blood samples.

This minimizes interference during testing and result interpretation.  This unique technology also reduces the effect of other interfering agents like acetaminophen, aspirin, and vitamin C.


  • The strip port is sensitive and should not get in contact with blood, dirt, water, or dust.
  • The package does not include a control solution, data management system, and a blood ketone test strip.
  • Blood ketone monitoring only accepts sample from the fingertips.
  • The amount of blood sample needed is not indicated.
  • Precision Xtra meter will only produce accurate results with Precision test strips.
  • Blood ketone measurement needs more blood sample compared with the glucose measurement.





Product Specifications:

  • Blood glucose results are shown in milligram per deciliter.
  • Blood ketone results are shown in SI unit or millimole per liter.
  • The glucometer automatically turns off 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • One lithium battery is enough to run approximately 1,000 tests.
  • The meter can store up to 450 test result memory including control tests, glucose tests, and ketone tests.
  • With a data port available for transfer of memory to a software or computer.



Precision Xtra NFR blood glucose monitoring system is a great tool for measuring both blood glucose and blood ketone levels.

It is extremely hard to find a device that can do both measurements at the same time. It helps users save more money by monitoring two blood parameters in a single device.

The meter automatically detects if the user is testing for blood glucose and blood ketone levels. Abbott also manufactured Precision Xtra glucometer with a TrueMeasure technology that eliminates common factors that could lead to false results.

TrueMeasure technology is one of the unique features offered by Precision Xtra.

Just like other glucometers, the Precision Xtra meter should be used ideally with the same test strip brand. The display window also has a backlight feature giving an additional advantage over other glucometers.


The meter memory can store up to 450 test results including control tests, glucose results, and ketone results.

The glucometer memory also indicates the type of blood parameter tested for organized recording. It also has a data management system, allowing the user to transfer the test results to a software or device.

However, the package does not include a lancet pen, control solution, and ketone test strips. Customers will need to purchase other materials needed for blood or ketone monitoring.

In general, Precision Xtra glucometer is a great device that can be used by health care professionals and the general population.

It uses TrueMeasure technology recommended for both Type I and Type II diabetes. It provides other unique features making it superior over other glucometers.


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