OneTouch Ultra Mini Glucometer review

The One Touch Ultra Mini glucometer is a product manufactured by LifeScan Inc.

The device is built with different great features that could be enjoyed by patients and health care professionals.

It is very handy and it even comes in six different colors to suite the patient’s style and preference. It is also accurate and easy to use.

It’s a great unit which is highly recommended for people with diabetes with a busy schedule and those who are always on the go. The meter is available online and is retailed at a very affordable price.

One touch ultra mini glucometer blue color



  • It’s a small and compact glucometer that can easily fit in your pocket or purse.
  • It comes with six different color designs.
  • The device can store up to 500 test results.
  • It is built with 2-way control buttons for simple navigation.

Package includes:

  • OneTouch meter with battery
  • Sterile lancets
  • Lancing pen/device
  • Glucometer carrying case
  • User manual





The One touch ultra mini package comes with a user manual that is very easy to understand which also includes step-by-step instructions.

The lancing device has nine depth settings for comfortable and convenient method of obtaining a blood sample.

The meter also accepts blood samples from different test sites like the forearms and the palm.

This gives the user an ultimate painless experience. The test strip fills up fast and it only needs a small amount of blood sample.

The test strip also has a confirmation window to notify the user if enough blood is applied on the test strip.

The meter quickly analyzes the blood glucose level and shows the results after five seconds. The results are automatically stored in the meter’s memory and customers can easily view the stored memory when necessary.

This handy and compact device also allows the user to download test results and transfer it to another software or device.

It has a built-in USB port but clients will need to make a separate purchase for the cord. This small meter could also be used as a backup glucometer that can still give accurate readings.

Ease of Use

Clients using the One Touch glucometer will need to code the test strip with the meter. Coding is done every time the operator would use a new test strip vial.

It is an essential step to get accurate and precise results. This might be a bit time consuming especially for people who are used to no-coding meters. But it is just a minor step that most patients get used to.

The lancing device is relatively easy to use in obtaining blood sample.

Using the glucometer is general is easy where patients can simply turn on the meter, insert a test strip, apply blood sample, and wait for the results. The device is also easy to operate especially when reviewing past results.

Previous blood glucose results are stored with their corresponding test date and time.



Glucometer Accuracy

One Touch Ultra Mini glucometer utilizes latest and innovative technology of glucose monitoring system. It works by using electric currents formed between the test strip and blood sample to measure the result.

The results shown are calibrated into plasma setting, making a simple basis of comparison from the results of diagnostic laboratories.

The accuracy of the OneTouch Ultra Mini was tested in 4-year study. A total number of 44795 blood samples were tested using the glucometer. Based on the results, the One Touch Ultra Mini glucose meter passed the ISO 15197 standards with exceedingly great performance.

Intended Use

The One Touch meter is designed to be used for the quantitative blood glucose measurement.


It is an over the counter glucometer that can be used in both home and clinical setting for the management and control of diabetes mellitus. It is a monitoring tool and should not be used as a screening device for diabetes mellitus. It is also not recommended for testing newborns. The One Touch Ultra Mini meter should only be used with One Touch test strips and control solution.

One touch ultra mini




  • The One Touch Ultra Mini is only compatible with the same brand of test strips and control solution. Using a different brand of test strip would likely lead to inaccurate results.
  • Coding the test strip vial with the glucometer is very important before using the device. A lot of users skip this part that is why they also get inaccurate results. Coding is the user’s key to accuracy and precision. However, the user will need to code every time there’s a new test strip vial.
  • The product package does not include a control solution which might be a negative point for people who would wish to run a control test first.
  • The package also does not include a cord; an additional purchase is needed for the cord.
  • Using the alternative test sites to draw blood sample should only be done when the patient’s condition is stable.
  • The product do come with a user manual to guide the patient on what to do but the manual does not contain enough information on regarding the device itself like the features and specifications.



The OneTouch Ultra Mini is usually the prescribed secondary meter that patients can use anywhere and anytime of the day.

It is very portable and compact that can fit in your pocket or purse. It’s a great device for people who travel a lot, have a busy schedule, or those who are always on the go.

The meter design is innovative where the customers can choose from six different color designs. It is very affordable and is relatively easy to use.

The lancing device has nine depths setting for a more convenient testing experience.

It could also store a great number of test memory that could be downloaded and transferred into software.

The test strip is designed with a window that notifies the user if the blood sample applied on the test strip is enough.



Coding is probably the only major downside of the glucometer. The users need to check if the test strip is properly coded with the meter to assure that they’ll obtain accurate results.

Overall, the One Touch Ultra Mini is a great glucose monitoring device that is very compact, handy, and portable that can yield accurate results in any place and any time of the day.

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