FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucometer Kit review

FreeStyle Lite is another excellent glucometer manufactured by Abbott Diabetes Care Incorporated.

It was designed especially for people diagnosed with diabetes for easy blood glucose monitoring.

The FreeStyle Lite Kit is small and portable making it easy for customers to use it anywhere they go. This gluco meter kit is available in pharmacies in the United States, It is also available online for customers residing in a country outside U.S.





  • Less pain is felt with the lancing device, and the test strip needs only 0.3 mL of blood.
  • The device takes only five seconds to interpret the blood glucose results.
  • Comes with a data port which downloads the test results into a compatible data management system.
  • Meter is easy to set up and has a reminder alarm setting.
  • The meter also has a memory setting that notes previous test results.
  • Results displayed also indicate if the blood glucose level is low or high.
  • Yields accurate results from multiple testing sites.
  • FreeStyle test strip accepts additional blood sample.
  • The meter has a backlight with an additional button for easier operation (*Unique feature of FreeStyle Lite meter).

Package Includes:

  • Glucometer with backlight and programmable alarm.
  • Ten disposable test strips.
  • Ten sterile disposable lancets.
  • Lancet pen with four adjustment setting.
  • Control solution included to check the accuracy of the glucometer purchased.
  • Glucometer bag included in the package.
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FreeStyle Lite glucometer is easy to operate resulting to increased patient compliance and awareness.

Monitoring of blood glucose level using the lancet pen and lancet is painless which offers more comfort for the patients.

Applying a small blood sample is considered okay and it eliminates the need to prick patient’s finger for more blood sample. No user customization is required and is suitable for starters.



The glucometer displays results in metric units (mg/dL) only. The unit of measurement could not be changed into International System of units.

It is contraindicated for dehydrated and critically ill patients. Also, the FreeStyle Lite meter works with FreeStyle Lite test strips only.

The meter cannot detect and identify the type of sample applied on the strip. The test strips are expensive and is not ideal for patients who need to monitor blood glucose on a daily basis.

The data port mentioned in the product description does not come with a cable. Therefore, the user cannot transfer the results into a mobile device or computer. It also cannot transfer the data using wireless transmission.

Intended Use

The FreeStyle Lite glucometer is used for the measurement of blood glucose. Capillary blood from the finger, palm, and upper arm are used as sample.

The glucose monitoring kit is suitable for both healthcare professionals and people with diabetes mellitus. The product is not used for neonates, infants, and children.

It is primarily used as a monitoring device and not a screening tool for diabetes mellitus. For safety purposes, the device should be used by one person only.

Product Specifications:

  • Assay method used by device: Coulometric electrochemical sensor
  • Automatic shuts off: 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Battery life can last for 500 blood glucose tests
  • Measurement unit: mg/dL
  • 400-result memory capacity with date and time indicated
  • Result range: 20 – 500 mg/dL
  • Product weight: 28.3 to 31.2 gm.
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Ease of Use

No manual coding is needed with Freestyle Lite glucometer because it has an automatic calibration setting. The small sample blood needed makes it even more convenient for customers to use.

The device is designed with easy to understand features. The device is compact and portable, making it more beneficial for emergency cases.

The meter memory reduces the need to constantly note down blood glucose results.

The meter memory can store up to 400 results into the device. A user manual is also provided with easy to understand instructions for troubleshooting and result interpretation.


The test strip is intended for single use only.

The patient should use a new strip for succeeding readings. The meter beeps if the results are ready, an error occurred, or the test strip is full of blood. Blood sample collected from the finger is best for monitoring hypoglycemia.

Blood sample collected from the fingers yields different results from samples collected on alternative sites.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration confirm that FreeStyle Lite yields more accurate results than other glucometers.  It is also reviewed by FDA for hazard protocol.

FreeStyle Lite is 93% accurate for results ranging from 95 – 100 mg/dL and 86% accurate for results ranging from 100 – 105 mg/dL. In general, FreeStyle glucometers have a higher accuracy score than other glucometer brands in the market.



Reportable range: Not suitable for general customers

FreeStyle Lite glucometer uses a reportable range of 20 to 500 mg/dL which could easily confuse the patient about the interpretation. A “low” result will be displayed if results are below 20 mg/dL and “high” result will be displayed if results are above 500mg/dL.

This wide reportable range does not coincide with the normal range of blood glucose levels.

These results are too extreme because a blood glucose level of more than 200 mg/dL is already considered high for a random blood glucose test according to the American Diabetes Association.

Thus the result display “high” that will only notify at a level of 500 mg/dL is unreliable and is too extreme.

Also the reportable range of 20 mg/dL is extremely low. Hypoglycemia occurs at a level of 70 mg/dL and symptoms could already occur at this level.

The interpretation of the results displayed on the monitor could confuse the user and misinterpret hypoglycemia even if it already exists.

A credible reportable range is very important to guide the user when to take the next insulin dose or if they need to adjust the next dose.

The result displayed does not simply coincide with the standard and is not friendly for patients without a medical background.



Overall, FreeStyle Lite Blood glucose monitoring system diabetic meter kit is a great device for people with diabetes especially for starters.



No user customization is required making it easy and convenient to use. It is a FDA approved device for monitoring blood glucose levels.

Using the lancet pen is also painless which increases patient compliance. The device can store up to 400 results for easy documentation.

However, the data port is seldom used and does not come with a connection cable. The reportable range display also needs modification to avoid user confusion and misinterpretation.


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