Bayer Contour Next USB review

The Bayer Contour Next USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System is one of the latest innovative designs manufactured by Bayer HealthCare LLC.

It has an easy to use meter that can help simplify your data like glucose levels and medication intake. Because of this, Contour Next USB is very helpful for people who take several tests in a day.

The USB comes in a smart and practical design; it is also flexible allowing the user to share the recorded information to any device with a USB port.

Bayer contour next usb glucometer




  • Display shows simple on-screen instructions rather than abbreviations or codes.
  • Have a bright color display and an illuminated strip port.
  • With rechargeable battery.
  • Manufactured with a built-in management system for diabetes.
  • Stores additional information like carbohydrate intake and insulin doses for a more complete diabetes logbook.
  • No system coding required.
  • Allows 30 seconds of sample reapplication.
  • Control buttons are easy to operate and it also offers varied useful features.


Package includes:

  • USB blood glucose meter
  • Contour Next test strips
  • Control solutions
  • *User manual

Advantage & Ease of Use

Users of the Contour Next USB glucometer will surely love the device because of its quality features and easy controls.

It is a portable all-in-one device that offers almost all basic features needed by patients with diabetes mellitus.

The test strip port is well lit and the display has a backlight feature. It even shows simple instructions to avoid confusion from abbreviations and codes. The USB automatically installs once plugged in.

It is a glucometer with a digital logbook that helps patients save time and effort from writing down the results. With Contour Next USB, blood glucose results are automatically saved in its built-in logbook. This system makes the device great for travelling.

It efficiently analyzes glucose results and prompts the user a safe time to eat a meal or take medications. Affordability is another advantage of the Contour Next meter especially that the test strip is cheaper than other test strip brands.

In addition, patients love the test strip design that it can collect blood sample at any angle. It also accepts additional blood sample making it a totally cost-effective system.

Bayer contour next usb manual




Contour Next USB glucometer is proven to provide accurate results. Users can prove its accuracy by comparing test results with that of the control solution.

Products by Bayer Diabetes Care are built with a remarkable accuracy. Contour Next is a newer version that uses MultiPulse accuracy technology. It ensures correct results and is not affected by common interfering substances.

Using the standard YSI glucose analyzer, the device has 100% system accuracy for glucose results less than 74 mg/dL. For glucose results higher than 75 mg/dL, the device has a system accuracy of 96%-99%.


Intended Use

Contour Next USB is an over the counter glucometer recommended for home use and diabetes monitoring.

It is highly recommended for people who need to keep track with their carbohydrate intake, blood glucose levels, and insulin dosing. The design was specifically made for patients with a busy lifestyle and for those who travel often.



It is specifically designed for patients and the general population who needs to monitor blood glucose levels on a daily basis.

However, the device should be used for a single patient only. The blood glucose monitoring system accepts fresh whole blood taken from the fingertips or palms.

It is used for monitoring blood glucose levels and should not be used as a diagnostic or screening device. Contour Next USB should not be used for neonates and patients who have serious illness.



  • The Contour Next version uses a different data system compared to the original Contour version. Accuracy might be an issue for some people who compare the original version with the newer version.
  • The device is easy to operate but the user manual is not so easy to comprehend especially for a person without a medical background.
  • The device is only compatible with Contour Next test strips. It does not work well with other test strip brands even with the original Contour test strips.
  • The batteries may take more time to charge compared to what is indicated in the manual.
  • Glucometer operation may be affected by radio frequency interference. Avoid using Contour Next USB near radio transmitters, cellular phones, cordless telephones, and other device that produce electromagnetic radiation.




Product Specifications:

  • Sample accepted is from capillary and venous blood.
  • Sample volume needed: 0.6 µL
  • Reads blood glucose results after five seconds
  • Can store up to 2,000 results
  • Uses rechargeable 250mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Charging current of 300 mA






The Bayer Contour Next USB is a great blood glucose monitoring system that is highly recommended for people with diabetes. It does not only measure blood glucose levels but it also helps the patients manage the condition in a broad and efficient approach.

That is the reason why, this glucometer is suitable for busy people and those who always travel. With its advanced technology, the meter can even analyze the results efficiently including insulin and carbohydrate intake.

The device is a great price for its value considering the different features that it offers.

Also, it is a cost-effective investment for patients since Contour Next system is affordable and compact that can yield accurate results.



The system was tested with YSI glucose analyzer and passed glucometer standards. Contour Next USB works with a rechargeable battery but it does take a long time to charge.

Glucometer operation could be interfered by radio frequency and should not be used near devices that produce electromagnetic radiation.

The meter should be used only with Contour Next test strips for accurate results. In general, Bayer’s Contour Next USB meter is a great blood glucose monitoring system for its value compared to other glucometers.

It works very well and offers affordability, accuracy, portability, and an intelligent data management system.

Minor limitations are actually user-dependent and should not be taken against the device. Almost all users love the Contour Next USB and would definitely recommend it to a relative or a friend.

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