AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucometer for pets

AlphaTRAK 2 glucometer is a product by Abbott Laboratories which is specifically made for veterinary blood glucose monitoring.

Our pets have a different way of glucose regulation and using a regular glucometer would lead to inaccurate reading and interpretation.

To get accurate blood glucose results on diabetic pets, owners should also use a meter that understands animal blood composition.



Frequent visits with a vet clinic could get stressful and a home glucometer would be more convenient for you and your pet.

Abbott Laboratories designed AlphaTRAK2 2 to be specially calibrated for diabetic cats and dogs. It is easily available in the United States and is sold in other countries.



  • Records and manages data for your diabetic pet including glucose levels, meal, activity, insulin, and other medications.
  • The meter can be coded separately for dogs or cats.
  • Provides fast and accurate results
  • Only needs 0.3 µL of blood sample
  • The meter is sold over-the-counter and no prescriptions are required.
  • Accepts blood sample from different testing sites.
  • Comes with a data port for downloading and transferring of results.
  • Lancing device has four adjustable depths.
  • Drawing blood sample is painless or produces little discomfort.

Package includes:

  • AlphaTRAK 2 glucometer
  • 25 sample test strips
  • Control solution
  • Lancing device
  • 30 sterile lancets
  • Instructional video
  • Glucometer case




The lancing device in the kit has four adjustable depths to match varying skin thickness. Drawing blood sample is relatively easy and painless.

The meter can detect blood glucose levels even with a small amount of blood sample, making it more convenient for pets and pet owners.

In addition, the meter provides accurate results after a few seconds. It allows pet owners to do home monitoring that is similar to what is being done in veterinary clinics. People and their diabetic pets can bond more with this over-the-counter glucometer.

The test strip can also accept additional blood if the initial drop of blood was not enough. It’s a multi-purpose meter to keep track of your pet’s glucose, activity, health, and medications.

Results and other data stored in the meter’s memory could be transferred to a computer device or software. Most customers love this cost-effective meter since it helps them save money from vet bills.


Ease of Use

The AlphaTRAK glucometer can read blood glucose from different test sites. On dogs, blood sample can be drawn from the elbow callus, marginal ear vein, inside the upper lip, or the side of the paw pad.

On cats, blood sample can be drawn from the side of the paw pad or the marginal ear vein. Although there are lots of testing sites to choose from, it is better to use the same site for every testing.

Operating the meter is the same with that of glucometers that people use with just a few modifications.

Drawing blood sample would require petroleum jelly to help blood sample to form droplets.

Other customers find the device easy to set up. However those who are not good with computer operations and terms might find it hard to set up the device.

The good thing is that the kit includes a user guide and an instructional video that shows a step-by-step procedure on how to set up the glucometer and troubleshoot.



Intended Use

The meter is intended for glucose monitoring for diabetic pets in homes or clinical setting. It is only calibrated for cats and dogs.

There’s no data available indicating if the meter could be used as a screening tool for diabetic pets. The meter is best used for a single pet for consistent system preferences.

Never perform a blood test while the meter is connected to the computer because it might lead to electric shock.


  • The meter would only show blood glucose levels. Results interpretation is available through the software but is not included in the meter.
  • Blood sample should be taken at the same site for every testing to avoid discrepancies in the results.
  • The meter recognizes a specific cable for data transfer. The device does not automatically install when plugged in. Customers will need to download the AlphaTRAK software from the company’s website.
  • Transferring of data needs manual input of date and time.
  • The test strips are a bit pricey and is not practical with multiple testing on a daily basis. Also, the meter is compatible with the same brand of test strips. Using other brands of test strips might provide inaccurate results.


Studies are conducted to scientifically determine the accuracy of AlphaTRAK meter in reading blood glucose levels based on the Antech reference.

Antech testing is considered to be the standard for quality veterinary blood glucose measurement. According to the results, Abbott AlphaTRAK 2 meter was found to provide the most accurate results compared to Bayer and Roche veterinary glucometers.

Pet owners must keep in mind that testing for blood glucose in pets is different for people and that the standard for accuracy would also be different.


AlphaTRAK 2 glucometer is a great monitoring device used for diabetic cats and dogs. Pets have different glucose regulation and this kit is helpful for starters who want to keep track of their pet’s health.

It is specially calibrated to measure blood glucose levels in cats and dogs unlike other glucometers. It requires little amount of blood and shows accurate results after a few seconds.

In fact, Abbott’s AlphaTRAK 2 is the most accurate veterinary glucometer based on Antech standard testing.

The meter works efficiently for the price. It can even help pet owners save money from frequent veterinary bills.

Although, the test strips are bit pricey, it can still save more money compared to frequent vet visits. The glucose monitoring kit does have minor limitations regarding data management and operation.




Overall, the meter’s accuracy, quality, durability, and multi-purpose function outweigh the minor limitations of the product. It is recognized by Antech standard testing to be the most accurate veterinary glucometer.

Accuracy is a great factor to consider when investing in a glucometer. It’s just a waste of time and money to purchase glucometers that provide less accurate results. That is why AlphaTRAK 2 glucometer is highly recommended for people with diabetic dogs and cats.


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