Accu-chek compact plus glucometer review

ACCU-CHEK Compact plus meter kit is a popular product manufactured by Roche Diabetes Care Diagnostics Corporation.

The company origin is at Ireland but the glucometer is sold in many countries all over the globe. The ACCU-CHEK compact kit is an over the counter blood glucose test system which is manufactured for easy accessibility and availability for people with diabetes.

The kit is sold in many local pharmacies. Customers interested to buy can also purchase the product online. ACCU-CHEK is currently retailed online.

ACCU-CHEK compact plus kit



  • Uses a load-and-go drum system instead of individual strips
  • All-in-one glucometer since the lancing device and test strip drum are already attached to the meter (*Most loved feature by customers)
  • The device takes approximately five seconds to interpret the blood glucose results.
  • The kit contains a detachable lancing device with eleven customizable depth options.
  • The meter also has a memory setting that notes previous test results.
  • No more coding needed.
  • The glucometer can read blood sugar results from multiple testing sites.
  • The meter has bright and high-contrast display for easy-to-read results even in low light.

Package Includes:

  • ACCU-CHEK softclix plus lancet pen – The lancing device could be used attached or detached from the glucometer. It uses an ultra-precision technology with eleven customizable depth settings. With the precision guided system, the lancing device minimizes unnecessary motion and eliminates painful blood sampling.
  • ACCU-CHECK test strip drum with 17 preloaded test strips. – The ACCU-CHEK test strip drum is manufactured for easier operation instead of using individual test strips. The test strip drum is also recognized by the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation.
  • ACCU-CHEK glucometer that comes with a nonslip rubber grips for customer’s added comfort.
  • Prescription discount card for qualified customers.
  • The Bring It to Life DVD for real life examples on how to operate the kit.
  • Control solution.
  • A sturdy all-in-one glucometer case.
  • * USB cord not included.




ACCU-CHEK compact plus glucometer is an all-in-one device which requires very minimal set-up. The lancing device and the test strip drum are already attached to the meter.

It also provides quick results for as fast as five seconds. It can also read the blood glucose level from six different test sites on the body.

The battery life can take up to 1000 test results.

The kit already has 17 preloaded test strips which help customers save money.

The test strip device is also cost effective and is advised by most health care formularies. ACCU-CHEK test drum makes it easier for clients to store without the trouble of individual test strip loading.

This gives the ACCU-CHEK glucometer the extra advantage for daily use. ACCU-CHEK meters are also covered on most health care insurances.


accu-chek compact plus box


Ease of Use

ACCU-CHEK glucometer could also check the blood glucose level of people diagnosed with diabetes and concomitant conditions like arthritis.

The lancet pen also comes with 11 customizable depths, which allows customers to adjust the lancet depth based on a wider range of options. It also uses a very slim lancet so customers won’t feel any pain when collecting a blood sample.

The lancing device is also easy to operate and has a safer design compared to other glucometers.

The meter memory reduces the need to constantly note down blood glucose results. The meter can contain 500 test result memory.

The results stored in the device memory could be downloaded to a software or computer via infrared transfer. Although it does not come with USB cord, most customers are satisfied with the infrared transmission.


The glucometer cannot be used by patients taking the antibiotic Ceftriaxone since it reads a false low blood glucose result.

The ACCU-CHEK meter needs a larger blood sample of 1.5ml. The meter has no backlight feature which bothers other customers. The results shown are not interpreted just like other glucometers in the market.

Customers are provided with limited options when flagging unhealthy blood glucose levels. The test strip offers a smaller time of 25 seconds for reapplication.

Using alternative sites for blood glucose monitoring should only be done at stable conditions and is not recommended when glucose levels are fluctuating. The meter also very sensitive and is only compatible with the ACCU-CHEK compact plus test strip drum.



Intended Use

The ACCU-CHEK meter kit is used for the quantitative measurement of blood glucose; it is NOT used as a device to screen diabetes.

The screening for diabetes requires complicated chemical components which are found in diagnostic laboratories.

The glucometer accepts capillary blood sample from the fingertips, upper arm, palm, thigh, and calf. It is suitable for both healthcare professionals and people with diabetes mellitus. The device should be used by one person only and should not be shared for other purposes.

Not intended for:

  • Neonates, infants, or children.
  • Icodextrin containing peritoneal dialysis.
  • Maltose containing therapies.


  • The US Food and Drug Administration tested ACCU-CHEK compact plus meter kit and acknowledge that the device meets the performance requirements for its intended use.
  • The glucometer meets electromagnetic requirements. It has a low electromagnetic emission and does not interfere with other electricity driven device.
  • Blood glucose results from ACCU-CHEK are accurate since it uses the glucose hexokinase method that meets NIST standard.

Product Specifications:

  • Digital LCD display with symbols
  • Automatic power-off after 60 seconds of inactivity
  • Power supply: AAA alkaline batteries which can run for 1000 tests
  • Infrared interface
  • Class I LED/IRED
  • Five seconds measuring time
  • ACCU-CHEK compact plus offers 30 day money-back guarantee
  • ACCU-CHEK glucometer comes with a 3-year limited warranty



Overall, ACCU-CHEK compact plus meter kit is a great device for monitoring blood glucose levels even on a daily basis.

The all-in-one glucometer is easy to operate and is user friendly. The meter case is also sturdy that can protect the meter very well.

No user customization is required making it easy and convenient to use. It is approved by several organizations and meets the standards of accuracy and safety.

The lancing device uses a very thin lancet over a precision guided technology for maximum customer comfort.

The meter can store up to 500 test results which could be transferred to a software or computer using infrared transmission.

However, it the display has limited features compared to other glucometers available.

Other downside of the glucometer is that it needs a higher amount of blood sample which could bother some customers.

ACCU-CHEK compact plus kit


The glucometer cannot be used for certain conditions and the alternative sites should be used only during stable conditions.

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