Glucometer reviews


  1. FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System Diabetic Meter Kit

The FreeStyle Lite Kit is portable making it easy for customers to use anywhere they go. It is easy to set up and has a reminder alarm setting.



It is one of the few glucometers that can give accurate results with just 0.3 µL of blood sample. It has a backlight button for a convenient blood glucose reading. The FreeStyle kit is could be purchased online.


  1. ACCU-CHEK Compact plus Meter Kit

ACCU-CHEK Compact plus meter kit is popular product manufactured by Roche Diabetes Care Diagnostics Corporation. It uses a load-and-go drum system instead of individual strips.

accu-chek compact plus box


The kit is an all-in-one glucometer since the lancing device and test strip drum are already attached to the meter. Users would love the fact that the meter accepts blood sample from six different testing sites. The device also has bright and high-contrast display for easy-to-read results even in low light.

ACCU-CHEK glucometer could also check the blood glucose level of people diagnosed with diabetes and concomitant conditions like arthritis. The lancet pen also comes with 11 customizable depths. Blood glucose results from ACCU-CHEK are accurate since it uses the glucose hexokinase method that meets NIST standard. ACCU-CHEK compact meter kit could be purchased online at a price ranging from $48.99 – $74.99 depending on the online retailer.


  1. Precision Xtra NFR Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Precision Xtra NFR is another great product that can measure both blood glucose and ketone levels. It was specially built to help people with both Type I and Type II Diabetes mellitus.




The meter runs a display check to make sure that everything is accurate before running a test. Patients won’t have any problems measuring both blood glucose and ketone levels. The meter automatically detects if the test strip inserted is for blood glucose or ketone measurement.

Although more blood sample is needed for ketone measurement, the process for monitoring both parameters is basically the same.


  1. Bayer Contour Next USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Contour Next USB is one of the latest innovative designs manufactured for people with diabetes. It’s a meter that can help simplify your data like glucose levels and medication intake.



It specifically stores additional information like carbohydrate intake and insulin doses for a complete diabetes logbook. The meter efficiently analyzes glucose results and prompts the user a safe time to eat a meal or take medications. It’s a very helpful and convenient device which allows the user to share recorded information to any device via a USB port.

This USB meter is easy to use and it also automatically installs once plugged in. It is available in most online stores and is retailed at an affordable price. Affordability is another advantage of the Contour Next meter especially that the test strip is cheaper than other brands. In addition, patients love the test strip design because it can collect blood sample at any angle. It also accepts additional blood sample making it a totally cost-effective system. The accuracy of the Contour Next meter is also confirmed using the YSI glucose analyzer.


  1. AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System for pets

AlphaTRAK 2 glucometer is a product specifically made for veterinary blood glucose monitoring. Abbott Laboratories designed AlphaTRAK2 2 to be specially calibrated for diabetic cats and dogs.



Our pets have a different way of glucose regulation and using a regular glucometer would lead to inaccurate reading and interpretation. To get accurate blood glucose results on diabetic pets, owners should also use a meter that understands animal blood composition.

This meter records and manages data for your diabetic pet including glucose levels, meal, activity, insulin, and other medications.

The lancing device in the kit has four adjustable depths to match varying skin thickness. It allows pet owners to do home monitoring that is similar to what is being done in veterinary clinics. The glucose monitoring kit is currently retailed online at a price of $55.00 – $84.99.


  1. Prodigy AutoCode Talking Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter Kit

Cataracts, low vision, and diabetic retinopathy are common vision problems that accompany diabetes mellitus. Luckily, the Prodigy AutoCode seemingly understands the difficulties of people living with diabetes.



It’s a talking glucometer which reports the results in four languages namely English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

Because of this function, the meter is highly recommended for diabetic patients with vision problems.

The Prodigy meter system uses a sophisticated and smart technology which enables the speaking function inform the user what to do next.

The speaking function can inform the user when the meter is ready to test or when the test strip inserted has already been used.

The Prodigy AutoCode meter is the only glucometer which received an award from the American Foundation for the Blind. It also received an Access Plus Award from the National Federation of the Blind. This amazing glucometer could be purchased online at a price of $14.68.


  1. TRUEresult Blood Glucose Starter Kit

TRUEresult blood glucose starter kit is one of the best sellers online. It became a popular glucometer because of its accurate, precise, and high quality performance.

This glucometer is highly recommended for patients who are tired with painful collecting procedures. The test strips and lancets included in the kit are in good condition as well. It’s a great starter kit for people with diabetes.



The meter is built with a special button for test strip release.  Users can set 4 different reminder alarms.

This glucose monitoring system is also manufactured with a ketone test reminder and a lifetime manufacturer warranty. TRUEresult meter provides accurate results and it falls within the standards of Yellow Springs Instrument Model 2300.

The accuracy of the device was extensively researched that involved both patients and health professionals. It is probably the best diabetes testing meter used in both clinical and home setting. The TRUEresult glucometer is available online.


  1. OneTouch Ultra Mini Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The OneTouch Ultra Mini glucometer is a device built with different great features that could be enjoyed by patients and health care professionals.

It is very handy which comes in six different colors to suite the patient’s style and preference.



It’s a small and compact glucose meter that can easily fit in your pocket or purse. The meter quickly analyzes the blood glucose level and shows the results after five seconds.

The results are automatically stored in the meter’s memory and customers can easily view the stored memory when necessary.

It is accurate and easy to use since it is built with a 2-way control buttons for simple navigation. It’s a great unit which is highly recommended for people with diabetes with a busy schedule and those who are always on the go.

This handy and compact device also allows the user to download test results and transfer it to another software or device. The meter is available online and is retailed at a very affordable price.


Those are the top glucometers with different features and special functions.

Patients should take note of their specific health needs when looking for a glucometer.

It is also best to consult your healthcare provider and ask for advice when it comes to using a glucose meter or for any clarifications when it comes to meter accuracy.

Over the counter glucometers are great self-monitoring device that promotes active participation in disease management.

Having your own glucometer allows abrupt symptomatic treatment, abrupt management, and prevention of complications.

Best Glucometers – Guide to Blood Glucose Meters


A common problem of people with diabetes is the erratic changes in their blood glucose levels.

They could experience varying symptoms of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia throughout the day that could greatly affect their daily tasks and activities.

Glucometers were made to help patients monitor their blood glucose levels which lead to better quality of life and proper management of the condition.

There are different kinds of over the counter glucometers available in stores that you can choose from.

But in order to find the right meter, you need to consider different factors like the advantages, ease of use, accuracy, and other special features.


Advantages of having your own meter at home

There are patients who think that they don’t need a glucometer because the condition is already managed with medication intake.

But blood glucose self-monitoring also offers significant benefits to patients and their health care provider.

  • Fast results.Glucometers can easily detect unsafe or unhealthy blood glucose levels.When patients feel dizzy or out of breath, they can rely on a glucometer for fast results.

    As a result, this type of device facilitates abrupt management and early relief of symptoms. It also promotes adjustments when it comes to activity, medication, and long term goals.


  • Offers protection.Having your own glucometer at home allows you to confirm sudden changes in your blood glucose levels.
    In most cases, patients are advised to delay or adjust their insulin injections based on the blood sugar results.
    Necessary adjustments could only be done with the use of a self-monitoring glucometer.Having your own glucometer assures prevention, management, and abrupt symptomatic cure. It protects patients from the harmful effects of severe hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.


  • Promotes healthier behavior.Glucose meters enable the patients to actively participate in the management of the condition.
    It provides the patient with self-care responsibilities therefore motivating them towards a healthier lifestyle and behavior.
    It gives patients a rewarding experience that they are able to control the symptoms of diabetes on their own.

Patients and clients should be reminded that glucometers are used for monitoring blood glucose levels. It is a tool used for the management of diabetes.

People with normal blood glucose levels cannot use glucometers to screen or diagnose the presence of diabetes. The diagnosis of diabetes needs a lot of laboratory tests and different set of control solutions.




Guides in choosing a glucometer

  • Ease of use

Glucometers should be convenient and relatively easy to operate for a better customer experience. There are meters which needs coding before operation for accurate results.

But there are also companies who manufacture glucometers which do not need coding anymore. Frankly, a device which does not need coding is easier and more convenient to use.


One thing you should also take note of is the amount of blood sample needed by the meter.

A device that requires less blood sample is recommended for frequent blood glucose monitoring.

The control buttons should also be easy to navigate and the display icons should be easy to understand.


  • Accuracy

The accuracy of the glucometer is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a specific unit. Make your own research about top brands and their accuracy ratings before you purchase.

Companies who produce meters should strictly follow the latest accuracy standards because inaccurate results could lead to mismanagement of diabetes.


You can confirm the accuracy of your glucometer by running a control test. Professionals recommend running a control test at least once a month to check that the meter is functioning well.

A control test could also be performed when the test results don’t match the symptoms that you feel.


  • Cost and consecutive maintenance

The cost of the device and other necessary materials used in glucose testing are also important factors.

There are some clients who need to monitor their blood glucose frequently and an expensive meter and test strip are not recommended.


  • Additional features

Patients have varied preferences when it comes to glucometer special features.

Users with low vision or vision impairments might want to consider meters with a backlight display or those with a speaking feature.

Busy people are advised to look for a meter with a large memory capacity or a handy device like a USB meter.

Get your own glucometer today so you can take control of diabetes and its symptoms.

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